So, as I journey into the unkown that is the world of creation, I would like to share some updates of things to come. Like for instance I love paracord, and it's applications to me are limitless. So, I decided to mix it with my love for all things goth, and developed a tactical goth bracelet. Now, this is not a completed for sale item, but maybe I will create more, what do you guys think?

Tactical Goth Bracelet

Help me create a signature sneaker!!!

It has always been a dream of mine to design and develop a signature sneaker due to my love for footwear. The cost to produce your own shoe is very expensive, and time consuming, but I joined a competition in order to start the process, and with your help I can win this competition and go out to Los Angeles and design my own sneaker. So click the link and vote for me. Now you only get one vote free, but if you would like to donate money and get more free votes feel free to do so. Thank you all so much. I added another design I made a concept of below. 

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Fruit (Fashion X Art)

“The Symbol of Ambition & Grace” series is a labor of love that showcases the fruitful partnership between Billy Fairley and Xavier Alvarado. It's a fusion of two worlds, where urban street fashion seamlessly intertwines with vivid artistic expression. The series explores the powerful symbolism of fruit, representing the growth, resilience, and beauty that define their journeys as creators.

Their collaborative work is not just a meeting of minds; it's a manifestation of their shared dedication to breaking free from the constraints of traditional art and fashion. 'Fruit' becomes the canvas on which they paint their stories, blending diverse influences, styles, and inspirations. This project not only embodies their individual philosophies but also stands as a testament to the possibilities that arise when different creative worlds collide.

The 'Fruit: The Symbol of Ambition & Grace' series promises to be a revelation, offering a fresh perspective on style and culture, reminding us that ambition and grace can be as tangible as the fabric we wear and the art we appreciate. This collaboration is a celebration of creativity, an ode to the vibrant spirit of unity in the world of fashion and art.

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