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Divine Culture Clothing is a brand that blends, culture, art, & fashion together to create limited signature pieces. I got the idea to start this brand from a visit to, Castle Hill, a graffiti park that was once the heart of Austin, TX artistic expression. From there I began to research the wonderous site, & decided from that point on I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I set out on a mission to create cultural art that's wearable, which then evolved into me wanting to create a t-shirt for the everyday mover and shaker. I also grew an affinity for developing pieces that were strictly one-offs. 

So I sit here, and I think back on all the things I wanted in life and all the things that I've accomplished
I'm more fulfilled than I ever have been before
I still lose - I've still lost, but I love, and I'm living
There's nothing better in this world than to be for sure
And I'm sure - I'm sure enough in what I do, and how I do it
There are a lot of people around me that believe in me
And I depend on them to see me through this - this life of mine
Let us hope this journey that we take
All these moves that we make
Are the right ones...while I meditate

-Big K.R.I.T

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